Venues and Transport

Xavier College Chapel

Xavier College is located on Barkers Road in Kew. If travelling by car, entering the College grounds from Charles Street provides the best access to the car park closest to the Chapel. 

The grounds are also accessible by both the 16 and 109 tram routes. The closest train station, Glenferrie, can also be accessed by the 16 tram as well.

Please note, the Chapel has a strict no smoking/vaping policy. 

Rippon Lea Estate

Rippon Lea Estate is located on Hotham Street in Elsternwick. The reception will begin on the Pool Terrace out the front of the Mansion. Cocktails, and canapes will start off the night, with dinner to follow in the Ballroom.

If travelling by car please note that there is minimal parking at the Estate, however there is some street parking available. If you wish to park at the Estate, please communicate this with either Tahnee or Tom so they can pass on your information to staff, otherwise your car may be refused entry. Signs will guide you through the gardens to the Pool Terrace, if you wish to enter the venue by foot. 

Please note, the Estate has a strict no smoking/vaping policy.

Transport from Xavier Chapel to Rippon Lea Estate

The most direct route from Xavier College to Rippon Lea Estate is via the route 16 tram. You are able to board this tram at the corner of Barkers and Glenferrie Rd. The tram ride will take approximately 30 minutes, where we recommend you exit at the corner of Hotham St and Balaclava Rd. Walking South on Hotham St for approximately 15 minutes will have you arrive at the Estate.

Walk or tram to Glenferrie Station and catch a train heading towards the city, exiting at Richmond Station. Next, change to the Sandringham Line and travel the 5 stops to Ripponlea Station, this will leave you with a 7 minute walk to Rippon Lea Estate.

There is parking available at both Xavier Chapel and Rippon Lea Estate as previously stated. If you wish to drive between venues, head south on Power St from the Chapel, then turn onto Yarra Boulevard, which will finally lead you to Hotham Road. To allow you to enjoy the night and join in the celebrations please consider a ride share service.